Canada's Virtual Digital Marketing Conference

November 30th, 2023

Explore the Marketing Landscape of 2024

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Discover cutting-edge strategies and gain practical insights at SocialNext 2024, your comprehensive platform for Canadian marketers to thrive in the digital age.

Welcome to the SocialNext Virtual Summit:Your comprehensive platform for unlocking marketing success in 2024 and beyond. 

Crafted exclusively for Canadian marketers, this summit offers key insights and actionable strategies to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape. Dive into a curated selection of Expert-Led Sessions.  

The agenda features a deep dive into the Canadian marketing landscape in 2024, data-driven strategies, and the importance of sustainability in modern marketing. You'll also gain practical insights into content strategy, the impact of AI, and brand positioning for the digital age. Whether you're interested in networking or looking to gain specialized knowledge, this summit is designed to equip you with the tools you need for future success.

What to Expect

Experience 6 exceptional, tailored speaker and Q&A sessions, designed to complement the cutting-edge strategies.

Choose to engage in real-time or access recorded sessions, offering flexibility to suit your learning style.

Advanced virtual conference experience with online networking and community-building.

Stream SocialNext 2024 from anywhere—be it home or work—as long as you have a Wi-Fi signal, you're set to watch.

Meet Our First Four Speakers

"What's in Store for Canadian Marketers in 2024"

Nicole Lively view bio Area Director, Growth

The Brand 2024 Playbook

Susan Charles view bio Strategy Lead

"Why Every Company is a Media Company."

Joe Toe view bio CEO

"Don’t Do This at Home (Office): Cybersecurity No-No’s To Be Aware for 2024."

Candace Bergman view bio Marekting Manager – Cybersecurity, North America & EMEA

Who Should Attend

The SocialNext Virtual Summit is Ideal for professionals in digital marketing, social media, and communications seeking the latest best practices and insights for staying ahead in the digital landscape.

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  • Communications & Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Public Relations Practitioners
  • CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and Other Marketing Leaders
  • Small Business Owners / Operators
  • Communications and Marketing Students
  • Content Managers
  • Self-represented professionals & artists
  • Photographers, videographers, technicians and artists who want to provide services to social media marketers
  • Marketing agency staff and leadership

Over 93% of attendees to the first SocialAtHome virtual conference rated their experience as "Good" or "Excellent".

Over 90% of attendees to the first SocialAtHome virtual conference plan to attend again.

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